SimTech Relief (R)

SimTech Relief (R) is a professional analysis and calculation program for pressure relieving and depressuring systems in hydrocarbon processing and chemical industries. SimTech Relief (R) can enable engineers efficiently evaluate the relief and depressuring rates at all applicable contingencies by using methodologies complying with latest API Standard 521 and size the pressure relief device by API Standard 520 methods. All the data can be properly managed, summarized and reported in an easy-to-use graphical user interface. Applications range from pressure relief analysis and PSV sizing to flare system evaluation.


SIMTECH PERFORMANCE(R)是SIMTECH公司开 发的标定和设备性能核算豪胜彩票技巧。装置标 定和设备性能核算是了解和监控当前装置运行状态、找出生 产瓶颈和问题并有针对性地提出解决方案的有效途径,是对装置的体检。


Simsci is part of Schnerder after Schnerder acquiring Invensys, Simsci has a long history in engineer software field and a lot of users. Simsci developed PRO/II,DYNSIM,INPLANT,VISUAL FLOW,PIPEPHASE and so on. Simtech maintain a good relation with Simsci, and as one agent of its software.

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